Meet Dagobert, the professional noise artist; Stan, the abstract painter; Ryan, the political activist and Philip, a prestigious studio engineer. These are the members of Shame On You, a unique band brought together by their passion for using everyday objects to create live “noise” to adoring audiences worldwide.

They live in a world of their own, where making noise helps mentally disabled children and support groups are held to assist those who have been abducted by supernatural entities.

Dagobert, the de-facto leader of the band is an explorer of sorts, an alchemist, an unyielding artist searching for the most perfect sounds in the world and the objects that give birth to them. Trouble starts when the band’s manager, Captain Monroe, a womanizing conspiracy theorist and con man, tries to convince Shame On You to record an album. This splits the band between “noise puritans,” refusing to partake in any type of recording and those interested in the money they could make from album sales.

The story explores the implications of creative undertakings within a group and its impact on artistic integrity. Independent filmmaker Matias Masucci makes his feature length debut with this satirical look at a world where noise really does matter.