Matias Masucci (Dagobert, DIRECTOR)

Matias Masucci was born in the city of Novara in northern Italy. He began his career in theater as an actor while in school. He moved to Hollywood at age eighteen where he continued working in theater and started working in television appearing in the series CSI:New York and The Bold & The Beautiful. His career behind the camera started as the writer/producer of three short films: Five O Four (2004), A Short One (2006) and The Gig (2006). His first directorial effort came in 2007 with the mockumentary Rotting Dancers and was followed in 2008 by the award-winning short film happiending.  He made his future length directorial debut with Noise Matters which he also wrote, produced and edited.

Sebastien Hameline (PHOTOGRAPHY)

Hameline was born in Paris into a family of artists and developed a love for the craft at an early age. Starting out as a photographer on film, Hameline proved to be interested in developing a style unique to his vision not only behind the camera but also by exploring specialized areas of darkroom development and acid treatment techniques. His work has been exhibited both in Europe and the Americas, most notably at the Arrimage Festival in Paris where he was awarded the Audience’s Award for photographic excellence. Hameline completed his film studies at the University of Sorbonne in Paris and soon thereafter began work in the United States for such famed camera houses as Otto Nemenz. His cinematography expertise range from 35mm film to 16mm and from S-video to the most cutting-edge high definition formats on the market today.

Kevin Dorian (Dr. Dorian, CO-PRODUCER)

Kevin started his career as an actor and consultant to some of Hollywood’s most notable names and quickly expanded his talents into writing and voice over work. Kevin’s work was featured in such television series as My Name is Earl and CSI. An accomplished teacher of both theater and film Kevin became an expert in new medias and has overseen the production of numerous web pilots and internet ventures. Kevin joined the Independent Society team in 2006 as a co-producer and actor.

Ugo Bianchi (Captain Monroe)

A veteran actor of both stage and screen, Bianchi has had a career spanning over forty years. A native of Argentina, he begun his involvement in entertainment when he moved to Los Angeles in 1962. Bianchi has appeared alongside Academy Award winning figures such as Ben Kingsly, Jon Voight and Benicio Del Toro. His credits include Table For Five, Drug Wars and Gidget Grows Up opposite Golden Globe nominated actress Karen Valantine. After an early retirement in 1990 Bianchi’s career has experienced a resurgence since his return to the screen in 2003 and continues to keep the experienced actor in the limelight for yet another generation of young thespians admirers.


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